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Julie Ziglar Norman

Being Your Best… A Prerequisite to Success


“Becoming the best YOU starts with a
self-examination… a truth session…
a hard look at reality!”

About Julie

Julie Ziglar Norman shared the Get Motivated
platform with her legendary father,
motivational icon Zig Ziglar.

Julie's Blog

Her thoughts on life.


To succeed you must be the kind of person people want to do business with. In far too many cases individuals focus all of their attention on marketing the product or service they provide when their time would be far better spent learning how to be the right kind of person.

  • On Being You
  • Kindness and Compassion – the Higher Ground
  • Know the Facts for Yourself

  • Rigorous Honesty – The Base Line for Character and Integrity
  • Confidence and Trust – The Reward for All In Commitment

  • The Gift You Give to Yourself When You Give it to Others
  • Stand Up – Own Up – Be Your Best You


Watch Julie in Action